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Use fog to suppress dust and odors

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Recycling plants, wood processing plants, wastewater treatment plants, agricultural plants, and many others all have a major problem. Dust and/or smell!
In some cities, the law requires some kind of system to combat or suppress dust and/or odors. CozyMist has been working on these issues for more than 10 years.
When dust and smell travel through the air, it's hard to control where it goes and how long it lingers around. The problem is solved by using a high-pressure mist system. Misting dust suppression technology is to capture dust by water mist, so that the water mist is combined with the dust particles in the air, forming aggregates of dust and water mist, which will settle down under the action of gravity, and realize dust suppression at the source. It can effectively solve the treatment problem of unorganized dust emission in the local closed/semi-closed state. The application of this product can greatly improve the air environment of drilling site, improve the visibility of airflow return, which is not only beneficial to the physical and mental health of workers, but also can reduce safety hazards and improve work efficiency. Some well-designed systems can even inject some "odor-eating" chemicals into the system, which is enough to deal with pungent odors.
Designing a mist system is simple. You just need to inform us of the overall measurement results of the atomized area, and our technicians will immediately formulate your own system for you. And the installation is very simple, only need to install the pipe with atomizing nozzle on the ceiling structure, and connect to the machine and water, switch on.  
Contact us to help design a system to repair dust and odors in your facility.