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How can outdoor misting systems improve your quality of life?

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Our outdoor misting system can help you improve your quality of life by creating a cooler and more comfortable environment during the hot summer months.

How does the outdoor misting system work?
In many parts of the world, summer can be hot and keeping cool can be a challenge. For a long time, most people have relied on fans and outdoor air conditioners to cool their outdoor temperature. Unfortunately, these methods are not fit. Now, there is a solution: Outdoor Misting System.
The outdoor misting system works on the premise of evaporative cooling. This principle suggests that water can absorb a lot of heat as it goes from liquid to gas. The outdoor misting system consists of machines, tubes and nozzles. The system is usually installed on a higher site, such as a roof, outdoor patio shell or pergola. The nozzles are evenly distributed along the length of the outdoor area. An external water source, such as a garden hose or faucet, is connected to a water supply. The machine then comes to work, releasing ultrafine mist through a nozzle that instantly cools the area without making it damp or uncomfortable.


How can outdoor misting systems improve your quality of life?
Enjoy your patio and outdoor activities all summer
Without an outdoor spray system, people would have to wait for summer temperatures to drop or even other seasons to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. In some cases, people postpone outdoor activities until late afternoon or when the sun goes down, so it shorten their entertainment time. Using an outdoor misting system, the overall temperature in some areas can be reduced by up to 20 degrees. This creates an opportunity to spend more time outdoors during the day with friends and family.

Helps avoid heat-related health problems
According to statistics, more than 5million people worldwide die of extreme high temperature and high temperature related diseases every year. For example, heatstroke usually occurs in summer when the temperature is above average and the humidity is high. Using an outdoor misting system that produces ultra-fine fog is a way to help prevent the risk of heatstroke. This cooling fog can help immediately reduce the ambient temperature and help people avoid high temperatures.
Easy to install
When installing our outdoor misting system, it is very user-friendly for first time users because the spray system contains everything required for installation.  The system is easy to install and easy to operate.
Contact us for more information
During the hot summer months, outdoor spray systems can keep outdoor areas cooler.  Misting system can improve your overall quality of life.  If you have any questions or are ready to order a high quality outdoor misting system, please contact us immediately!