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Mist System Cooling High Pressure Water Mist Machine

Place Of Origin:Hangzhou,China
Model Number:YL-220V

Structure diagram2

High Pressure Fog Machine can be widely used for outdoor garden or restaurant cooling, vegetable preservation, greenhouse irrigation, stocking cooling, summer fly removal, etc. They can reduce the outside weather temperature by 5-10°C and will increase humidity at the same time.

High pressure fog machine are available in a variety of different configurations and types of misting systems for any application. We design and manufacture misting systems including industrial cooling, patio cooling, outdoor cooling, restaurant cooling and misting cooling systems. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right misting system, including wind direction, height of the misting system, humidity, duration of use of the misting system, as well as cost and the customer's cooling preferences.

Design Features

Name of main engine parts

The main components of the high-pressure fog machine: LCD panel, portable, pressure governor (Pressure governor principle: manual fine-tuning is used to change the main pressure and flow rate by controlling the maximum engine speed.), pressure relief valve, exhaust valve, pressure gauge, water outlet and water inlet.

The contents of the product package include: smart sprayer, filter, product manual, inlet pipe and water outlet plug.

LCD panel operation introduction:

Water failure operation:

Water show: When there is no water at the water inlet of the host or the water pressure is less than 1 kg, the water shortage protection switch is disconnected. The screen shows the water shortage indicator of "P001". At this time the host stops working and the button on the panel cannot be operated.

Remove water shortage:

1. Make sure there is water pressure at the inlet, press "RESET" button to RESET or power off to restart, and the operation interface will return to normal state.

2. Or instead of using the water shortage switch, connect the two lines of the water shortage switch (this can be done when the bucket is imbibing itself).

Three gear switch operation:

Witch gear: Press "start" to switch between manual starting-automatic time loop-manual  stopping

1. When switched to "ON", the host starts and goes into along working state.

2. When switching to "AUTO", the host will start/stop and enter the automatic time cycle mode.

3. When switched to"OFF", the host stops and goes into along stop state.

Automatic time loop Settings:

Boot time and downtime Settings: Set must be in the "auto" position to operate "set" to enter the time setting, digital position appears virtual border, the upper part of the screen "on" for the boot time setting, the lower part "off" for the shutdown time setting

1.Press the first set key to enter the power-on hour setting, and press+or-set hour to set the range (0-23).

2. Press the second set key to enter the power-on minute setting, press+or-set hour, set range (0-59).

3. Press the third set key to enter the power-on second setting, press+or-set hour, set range (0-59).

4. Press the fourth set key to enter the shutdown hour setting, press+or-set hour, set range (0-23).

5. Press the fifth set key to enter the setting of shutdown minutes, and press+or-setting hours to set the range (0-59).

6. Press the sixth set key to enter the setting of stop seconds, and press+or-setting hours to set the range (0-59).

7. Press the seventh set key to enter or press the RESET key to RESET, and the setting is completed. The system enters the automatic time cycle mode according to the set startup time and shutdown time, and the time counts down.

Oil-free pump

Developed with Japanese technology, this maintenance-free high pressure pump is suitable for long-term continuous operation without the need to add oil to the pump head!

1. The pump head is made of rigid aircraft aluminium, with light weight and high pressure resistance.

2. The plunger inside the pump head is made of ceramic plunger imported from Japan, which has the characteristic of high hardness and wear resistance.

3. The water seal is imported from Italy and has a double water seal structure, with a main water seal and a pay water seal to better ensure the sealing of the plunger and water seal.

4. The check valve inside the pump head is the only one made of 316 stainless steel (the general plunger pump internal check valve jacket is made of plastic).

5. The internal seal is made of imported rubber, which is anti-aging and resistant to high temperatures above 200°C.

6. pump head inlet built-in water filtration device, using 316 stainless steel 0.3 mm precision filtration, can effectively filter incoming water impurities of particles, to better ensure the cleanliness of the pump head.

7. The pump head is equipped with a pressure safety valve to better ensure the pressure inside the pipeline, so that the nozzle will not be blocked and cause the pipeline pressure to rise and burst.

8. 150W/200W DC brushless motor, with small volume, large power, low power consumption, continuous operation, no need to replace the titanium brush.

The control adopts brushless driver, good stability, pressure size is controlled by governor, convenient and reliable.

Oil free pump

Parameters Table

Motor type:Brushless motor

Motor power:150W/200W

Working voltage:220V/48V/24V

Working current: 0.9A

Motor speed: 0r/min--2000r/min (adjustable speed)

Flow rate: 0.1-2.8L/Min

Pressure: 0.5-5MPa


Pay special attention to:

1. Do not drive one or two nozzles for the experiment, to avoid the instantaneous high pump head pressure, which may cause damage to the main engine. (see No.2 below)

2. The number of nozzles driven by the main engine shall not be less than 30% of the number of nozzles driven.

3. The number of nozzles driven by the host should not exceed the maximum number of nozzles driven by the host above, otherwise the pressure will not go up.

Application Scenarios

Misting system applications.

1. Humidification: increase space humidity, reduce dryness, get rid of dust, make breathing smooth and skin more refreshing.

2. Cooling: reasonable arrangement of pipelines and nozzles, the use of micro-fog evaporation cooling effect, fast and effective to achieve cooling effect.

3. Disinfection and sterilization: rapid atomization of the liquid, uniform diffusion without dead ends, large atomization volume, tiny fog particles, effective prevention of disease breeding.

4. Deodorisation: the rich negative ions produced by the micro-fog can effectively purify the air and improve air quality.

5. Scenic: very small particles floating in the air, creating a white natural fog, forming a strange landscape of clouds and fog.

6. Dust reduction



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System flow

Brand Introduction

Hangzhou Refine Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the spray field, specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of industrial nozzles and spray systems. The company has several imported precision machining machine tools, the machining accuracy is less than 2μm. It has a variety of high-precision spray performance testing equipment such as particle size, spray uniformity, and striking force. In the fields of spray cooling, dust control, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, spray deodorization, high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing and other fields, we can provide complete technical product services and solutions.


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