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Smart 18L Large Ultrasonic Disinfection Industrial Humidifier

Place of Origin:Hangzhou,China
Model Number:RYHF22
Spray Volume:6000ml/H

The ultrasonic industrial humidifier adopts electronic over-frequency oscillation (oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz), and through the high-frequency resonance of the atomizing sheet, the water is thrown away from the water surface to generate a natural and elegant water mist, which does not require heating or chemicals to generate 1-5 microns The water particles float in the air, thereby increasing the relative humidity of the air. 


1.Smart version: generally havemultiple functions: regular functions include remote control, appointment, timing, constant humidity, temperature and humidity sensor display, sleep mode, gap spray, UV light or negative ions, etc. According to the function of each machine;

2. Mechanical version: One is a knob switch on the control panel, and the other is a three-speed fog volume adjustment;

Design Features


High-frequency ten-head atomizer, higher humidification efficiency

High-frequency ten-head atomizer is adopted, the atomization is faster, and the humidification efficiency is greatly improved

Waterproof toroidal transformer with better performance

Adopt waterproof toroidal transformer, lower operating temperature, less vibration and noise, and easy to install

Physical float, automatic water level calibration

Using physical float, automatically reach the appropriate water level, easy to use, not only low failure rate, but also more stable

Embedded portable cover for easier maintenance

The embedded portable cover is more convenient for maintenance and cleaning, and water can be added manually in emergency.

Intelligent control system, automatic and more worry-free

The intelligent control system realizes the automatic control of humidity, and sets the target humidity value to achieve automatic shutdown and lower than automatic startup. You can also preset a good time, automatically turn on and off for convenience.

Easy to install and can be customized on demand

The product is not only easy to install, but also can be planned according to the existing environmental conditions, using PVC pipe to extend the spray humidification or use the air duct of the air conditioning unit for cooperative control.

1. Automatic/manual control can be switched; stainless steel design of the whole machine to prevent rust

2. Integrated movement, built-in water shortage protection; easy installation of equipment, saving space

3. Fan delay function to prevent fog backflow; physical control of water intake, not affected by water pressure

4. The equipment is equipped with water inlet, overflow outlet and drain outlet; the power supply has its own leakage protection, and the operation is stable

5. Circulate indoor air, environmental use effect; PVC pipe humidification, air conditioning unit supporting humidification

6. Microcomputer control, digital display of current environmental humidity; water tank cleaning function reminder, automatic fault judgment function

7. The humidified particles are uniform, and the relative humidity is as high as 99%; the humidity is controlled by itself, the water is automatically fed, and the operation is simple

8. High humidification efficiency, suitable for various large-area places, reminder of water tank cleaning function, atomization, energy saving and environmental protection

9. The transformer is double waterproof to increase the stability of the main control circuit; atomization, energy saving and environmental protection; accurate humidity control display

RYHF22-detail 1

NameElectric HumidifierElectrode HumidifierUltrasonic humidifier
Working principleThe electric humidifier is based on the principle of resistance heating. The electric heating tube is immersed in water. After the electric heating tube is energized, according to Joule's law, the electric heating tube generates heat, so that the water is turned into steam. Electrothermal humidification is to control the amount of steam output by controlling the heating power of the heating element.When the water contains trace salts, the water will become a conductive liquid. When water with a conductivity of 125~1250μs/cm enters the electrode humidification tank, the computer first measures the conductivity of the water. When the water flows over the electrodes in the humidification, the electrodes will form a current loop through the water and heat the water to Boiling, producing steam. Electrode humidifiers control the water level and electricity in the humidification process.

The size of the conductivity, and then control the output of steam!

Using a high-frequency electronic vibration circuit, the frequency passing through the vibrating plate generates fine atomized particles that diffuse into the air or air supply duct for humidification. It belongs to the mechanical atomization humidification method.

1. Large amount of humidification

2. The heating rod has a long service life

3. Low maintenance cost

1. Ionic conduction, no water and no current, no burning.

2. The output power controls the humidification accuracy, and scaling also affects the accuracy control.

3. The humidification capacity is large and the purchase cost is low. 4. There are no special requirements for water quality.

5. Electrode management and electrode rods are easy to disassemble and replace.

Sufficient accessories and low replacement cost.

1. The host occupies a small space

2. Small fog particle size, high humidification efficiency and energy consumption


1. If the liquid level switch fails in an anhydrous state, there will be a hidden danger of water loss.

2. Using thyristor phase modulation technology to control the accuracy, it is easy to scale and affect the calorific value

3. Difficult to disassemble and clean after scale accumulation

4. High power consumption

1. Electrode barrels and rods are easy to scale

2. High power consumption

1. The water quality requirements are strict, and the machine is easily damaged if the water hardness is slightly larger, the frequency is reduced, and the atomization effect is reduced.

2. The humidification capacity of a single unit is small and the price is high.

Humidification accuracy±3% isothermal humidification (steam humidification)±4% isothermal humidification (steam humidification)±7% isenthalpic humidification (water vapor humidification
Water sourceClean water, softened water, pure waterClean tap water, softened waterMust be pure water
Use OccasionsUsed in process air conditionersUsed in process air conditioners

For use in comfort environments, not in air conditioning

RYHF22-detail 2

Parameters Table

The material of the atomizer

1.Ceramic atomizing film + Teflon spray paint: Weak acid neutral disinfection water can be used, and the amount of mist is large; Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene) is used on the surface: it has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance (It is one of the best corrosion-resistant materials in the world today. Except for molten metal sodium and liquid fluorine, it is resistant to all other chemicals, and it does not change when boiled in water. ), sealing, high lubrication and non-stick properties, electrical insulation and good aging resistance, excellent temperature resistance (can work at temperatures from +250℃to -180℃for a long time).

2. 316 stainless steel: 316 stainless steel radiator + fluorine rubber sealing ring / high cost; acid and alkaline disinfection water can be used; after a few years of use, the brightness is still as new; the amount of fog is not affected.

The high-efficiency humidifying atomizer adopts Bioall's unique high-frequency atomization patented technology. The diameter of the mist particles is only 1-5μm, the energy consumption is low, and the humidification is fast, uniform and efficient.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel. The whole machine adopts a stainless steel body, which is not easy to rust and has strong anti-corrosion performance when used for a long time in a high-humidity environment.

Long Lasting

Optional high-performance core components, coupled with exquisite production technology and strict performance testing, can ensure stable, reliable and longer life of the equipment in harsh environments.

Humidifier product structure

Application Scenarios

Application field

Textile industry:

roving, spun yarn, weaving, non-woven fabric, cotton spinning, chemical fiber, blended spinning, weaving and dyeing, etc.

Printing industry:

paper printing, profile printing, glass printing, special printing, screen printing, transfer printing, etc.

Electronics industry:

SMT workshop, LCD factory, PSB factory, ICM trial factory, packaging factory, semiconductor component factory, etc.

1. Eliminate the phenomenon of static electricity, and the destructive energy problem caused by the current of electrostatic discharge is less

2. When the air is dry, the computer components are easy to absorb dust, the probability of reading and writing errors in the disk increases, and the welding assembly group may even cause damage to the disk or the magnetic head.


all kinds of inspection, testing, quality, analysis, laboratory, etc.

Food industry:

dry and dehydrated food resurgence (kelp, vermicelli) preservation, steamed bread, bread, fruit and vegetable products constant humidity preservation, storage, transportation, etc.

Supermarket preservation:

green leafy vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, fresh, refrigerated display cabinets, bakery cabinets, etc.

Tobacco industry:

Tobacco grading plant, silk storage warehouse, puffed tobacco resurgence and other workshops

1. Prevent tobacco leaf damage

2. Ensure the temperature and humidity requirements in the three steps of cigarette making, rolling and packaging

3. Ensure that the moisture content index of tobacco leaves during alcoholization storage is achieved

Planting industry:

edible fungi, tropical plants, soilless cultivation, flower houses, etc.

1.Eliminate static electricity

2.Avoid paper wrinkling

3.Prevent paper from telescopic deformation 4. Reduce dust and improve printing quality

Breeding industry:

large-scale breeding places for livestock, birds, insects, etc.

Automotive industry:

painting plants, assembly plants, film workshops, showrooms, etc.

Spraying industry:

shell spraying of various industrial products such as automobile coating plants, mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, etc.

Textile industry:

Increase the strength of fibers, yarns and fabrics 2. Eliminate static electricity, improve hand feel, and improve quality 3. Reduce end breakage and increase equipment operating speed 4. Reduce waste and improve economic benefits

Humidifier usage scenarios


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Brand Introduction

Hangzhou Refine Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the spray field, specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of industrial nozzles and spray systems. The company has several imported precision machining machine tools, the machining accuracy is less than 2μm. It has a variety of high-precision spray performance testing equipment such as particle size, spray uniformity, and striking force. In the fields of spray cooling, dust control, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, spray deodorization, high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing and other fields, we can provide complete technical product services and solutions.

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