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Outdoor Air Cooling 350W Mobile Water Misting Fans For Patios

Place Of Origin:Hangzhou,China
Model Number:JJ-24MC01,JJ-26MC01
MotorHigh quality motor
TankPP material,41L



Cozymist mist fan is a new generation of high-tech summer cooling equipment The product uses the principle of evaporation and heat absorption, the use of triple-speed device, low noise, easy to install: can effectively drive away the negative heat, can be easily moved, with a unique nozzle electric spray system. The product uses a unique nozzle, spraying evenly, no water droplet spill, its fog diameter is about).8um-10um, forming fog under the action of the fan, can cool down about 5-8 degrees, spraying distance can be designed according to customer needs. Within the spray coverage, clothes are not wet and workpieces are not damp. It has good ventilation and cooling effect, and obviously improves the air quality. Effect:Large area cooling, smoke removal, dust removal, anti-static, moisturizing, energy saving. Special application:By adding disinfectant, aromatizer, deodorizer, etc. in the water tank, it can achieve perfect air refreshing effect.  Application:Can be used indoors and outdoors at the same time. It can be installed in outdoor cafes, scenic spots, sheds, workshops, outdoor restaurants, bars, parking lots, plant greenhouses, flower houses, playgrounds, livestock farms, gymnasiums, classrooms, pedestrian streets, bus stations and other places.

1.Centrifugal spray electric fan

When water is under the action of the rotating machine and the fog particle spraying and dispersing device, super tiny droplets will be produced due to centrifugal force, which also greatly improves the evaporation area of water. The mist droplets increase the wind speed on the surface of the liquid while blowing out the airflow through the powerful fan, which also accelerates the diffusion of water vapor, thus producing spray.

2.High pressure nozzle type spray fan

The water is under the pressure of the high-pressure pump, which is subjected to tens of kilograms of pressure, thus producing a micro-mist through the high-pressure nozzle chamber, which also increases the evaporated area of water. Micro-mist in the airflow through a strong fan blowing at the same time, but also greatly increased the wind speed on the surface of the water, speeding up the diffusion of gas, so the evaporation of water accelerated, and water in the evaporative will absorb heat, but also accelerate the temperature reduction, but also make the dry air becomes relatively moist, reducing the dust and purifying the air.

Design Features

This spray electric fan, water mist electric fan, cooling electric fan uses advanced centrifugal secondary atomization principle, so that the water in the rotating disc and fog particle dispersion device, the use of centrifugal force to produce ultra-tiny droplets less than 10 microns, so greatly improve the evaporation surface area; fog droplets through the powerful centrifugal atomization fan blowing airflow, greatly improve the liquid surface wind speed, accelerate the diffusion of gas molecules, so the water evaporation is greatly improved. In the process of evaporation of water to absorb heat, reduce the temperature, spray fan fog ions quickly released in the process of rapid absorption of air temperature and purify the air. And can reduce dust and purify the air.

Product Features

1.Centrifugal atomization design, no nozzle and water filtration device required

2.Atomization size can be adjusted at will, low noise

3.Atomization and air supply are driven by independent motors, easy to use and maintain

4.Powder coating on the surface, good anti-rust performance, durable

5.The motor adopts low temperature rise design, stable performance, long running time and strong overload capacity

6.The water pump is equipped with a protection device to protect the pump from burning out when the waterproof box is used up

7.Waterproof electrical design, safe to use

8.Equipped with trolley, easy to move

Super Power Saving

Airflow guidance Aerodynamic circulation,First-class centrifugal atomization design,Ensure smooth and dripping atomization effect and ultra-long distance cyclone.Energy saving and power saving spray fan, the choice of good business in summer!

Wheel Base

Strong mobility - wheel base, each spray fan used separately, can be hung, wall-mounted, manually pushed and other arbitrary settings installed

Three Speed Control. 

You can tilt the shaking head, the size of the water mist can be randomly adjusted. This spraying system can suppress dust, regulate the atmosphere, and reduce the surrounding temperature by 4-8 degrees when the water droplets evaporate. The surrounding area can be used up to 30-50 square meters. It makes the environment clean, cool and comfortable.

Quiet Engine

High quality all copper motor with low temperature design for long life and low noise,

Unlike most outdoor and patio oscillating fans, our misting fans   are equipped with a sturdy copper motor that makes oscillation smooth and provides whisper-quiet performance so you can sleep peacefully or enjoy intimate time without worrying about buzzing, vibration and knocking sounds

Portable and durable, sturdy frame

Made of sturdy material, Aviation-grade cannula with high waterproof level.Durable ABS spray tray does not deform and fall off to maintain even mist volume over time.Super centrifugal spray system, fog volume of fine fog particles do not fly water,distance far cooling fast.Anti-dry burn water pump underwater work will not burn out.

With the ultimate in functionality, durable construction, and sturdy wheels, it is stable, weatherproof and rustproof, providing you with robust operation

Advantages Of Spray Fan

Completely environmentally friendly product which is compressor-free, coal-free and pollution-free

Low running cost compared with chiller series, electricity consumption is only 1/2-1/3

Cooling effect is obvious in the more humid areas, generally can reach 5-10 ℃ in the hot areas can reach 10-15 ℃ cooling

Low investment and cost compared to chiller systems, the cost is less than half, and the equipment does not occupy any area

Outdoor air conditioning experts allow you to feel the coolness of summer even in the outdoor environment

Easy maintenance and installation system is simple, easy and quick to install and maintain without professional maintenance personnel

Prevents dry air it moistens the skin and has certain benefits for the skin

Low noise, low vibration in the process of operation, low noise, low vibration compared to the same type of products better

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Questions and Answers

A: How about the cooling effect?

Q: After a heavy rain, everyone will feel cool because the rain has brought down the temperature by about 6 degrees; and with a freezing point atomized cooler plus an ordinary fan, the temperature can be cooled by 4-6 degrees in 2 minutes. If you only use the fan to blow, blowing a day, it can not drop 1 degree.

A:Will the fog be very large, blowing wet clothes?

Q: fog is sprayed from the spray head of the fog hole in the shape of an umbrella, to 1.5 meters away from the spray head, the fog particles dispersed to only 1-5 microns, blowing to the body, only feel cool, no wet feeling. And so fine fog, in the heat of the day will quickly evaporate, and take away a lot of heat, so as to achieve the effect of cooling. Use at night, the bucket of water put a little less, so you do not have to be afraid of the middle of the night when it is not hot, blowing spray too cool

A: there is not an air conditioning fan for sale, why should you use this?

Q:The air conditioning fan needs to have a refrigerator to freeze the ice crystals first, and then put them into the air conditioning fan, the air conditioning fan can work. And our products are less expensive and small, easy to take away, and most importantly, the cooling effect is better than the air conditioning fan.

A: Q: When is the freezing point atomization cooler suitable for use?

Q: When you feel like your fan is blowing out hot air, you can turn on the sprayer. You can also just turn on the mist when it is not hot, without turning on the fan.

A:Can this product of yours work for a long time,will it be easily damaged?

Q:The freezing point fogging cooler is equipped with triple protection, so please feel free to use it.

A:Will the freezing point atomization cooler leak in the water?

Q:No, there is an insulating layer wrapped around the wire, it will not leak. But for safety, or to add a cover to the bucket, so as to prevent children from playing with water accidents, but also to prevent the water from being dirty.

Application Scenarios

Application scenes

1, cooling: outdoor restaurants entertainment venues stadium stadiums airports bus stations large gatherings hotels and livestock farms pigs, horses, cattle and sheep of cooling

2, dust removal: remove air dust particles mainly used in farms, mines and other pollution control

3, humidification: used in textile mills cotton wool warehouse park greenhouse laboratory ﹑ flour processing plant, etc. to increase air humidity

4, agriculture: used in family farms mushroom farm circus arena birdhouse doghouse and feeding ground to make the environment suitable for a variety of poultry growth

5, industry: metal workshop machinery workshop textile workshop garment workshop printing and dyeing shoes plastic injection molding die-casting heat treatment casting glass products spraying electroplating electronics chemical metallurgy leather toys manufacturing home appliance manufacturing, etc. used to cool down and remove dust, can also be used to eliminate static interference

6, special use of places: garden zoo shopping center exhibition cinema flowers and trees breeding animal husbandry mushroom room, etc. humidification and cooling, can also be used as plant irrigation used

7, special use: add liquid disinfectant in water, can be disinfected for botanical gardens, greenhouses, livestock farms, zoos, golf courses, etc.

Fan Using the Scene


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Our services: standard nozzle product sales, non-standard product customization, special-purpose nozzle development, spray system design, production, installation, and nozzle performance testing services.

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Brand Introduction

Hangzhou Refine Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the spray field, specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of industrial nozzles and spray systems. The company has several imported precision machining machine tools, the machining accuracy is less than 2μm. It has a variety of high-precision spray performance testing equipment such as particle size, spray uniformity, and striking force. In the fields of spray cooling, dust control, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, spray deodorization, high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing and other fields, we can provide complete technical product services and solutions.


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