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Misting System

Place Of Origin:Hangzhou,China
System Products:

Misting nozzles, Fittings, Tube, Fog machines,

Mist fans, Other accessories.

Nozzles Size:0.15mm;0.2mm;0.3mm;0.4mm;0.5mm
Fog MachinesHigh Pressure And Low Pressure


System flow

High Pressure Micro Mist Humidification System

Product Introduction

The high-pressure micro-mist system adopts a large number of imported hosts and accessories on the basis of similar foreign products. Innovative energy-saving, high-efficiency and cost-effective products. Example: Dry fogger system, which makes low temperature humidification possible. It can be used in various industries, especially to solve the problem of high temperature humidification in industrial processes. Because its floating fog particles are light like floating clouds, it is more elegant in artificial fog-making landscapes.

Micro mist humidification principle

The working principle of the small-scale high-pressure micro-mist humidification system is to use a high-pressure plunger pump to increase the water pressure to 70kg/cm, and then the pressurized water is atomized by a professional nozzle through a high-pressure resistant conveying pipeline to produce 0.3-3 micron. mist particles, so that it can quickly absorb heat from the air to complete the vaporization and diffusion, so as to achieve the purpose of air humidification and cooling.

Mist System

Adopt high-precision special professional nozzles to achieve the best atomization effect, and the water mist flow rate of a single nozzle is 6-11kg/h. The nozzle and the host system are connected by a high-pressure pipeline system, and the pipeline can withstand a pressure of more than 180kg/cm.

Design Features

Micro mist humidification principle

The working principle of the small-scale high-pressure micro-mist humidification system is to use a high-pressure plunger pump to increase the water pressure to 70kg/cm, and then the pressurized water is atomized by a professional nozzle through a high-pressure resistant conveying pipeline to produce 0.3-3 micron. mist particles, so that it can quickly absorb heat from the air to complete the vaporization and diffusion, so as to achieve the purpose of air humidification and cooling.

Performance characteristics

High humidification efficiency: Because the water mist particles generated by the equipment are extremely small, the vaporization process is completed quickly, so that the vaporization efficiency reaches a high efficiency of 90-100%. Humidification, cooling effect is very ideal.

Large humidification capacity: the maximum output flow of a single machine can reach 100-2520kg/h, the number of nozzles can be set arbitrarily within the flow range, and the humidification capacity can be precisely adjusted by controlling the pressure and flow.

Low maintenance: The main unit of the humidifier adopts an industrial high-performance imported plunger pump to realize long-term continuous operation of the system. The whole system is designed to be safe and stable, and realize unmanned management, especially the nozzles and water mist distributors are operated without machinery components for trouble-free operation.

High cleanliness: Since the equipment uses the influent water for purification treatment, and the whole system never circulates water, the high cleanliness of the humidification process is guaranteed.

Low operating cost: The electricity consumption per kilogram of humidification is only 3W, which has a very high performance-price ratio from the perspective of energy saving.

Parameters Table

Nozzle Raw Materials

The raw materials we manufacture nozzles can be: Stainless steel: 303SS, 304SS, 316SS

Brass: Hpb59, Hpb62

Non-metallic materials: ceramic, silicon carbide, ruby, sapphire, diamond, etc.

Tips:When purchasing a nozzle, select the appropriate nozzle according to the actual requirements.

Spray angle: 0-120° (there is also a 360° rotating nozzle)

Flow rate: up to 7bar 132L/min Spray Particle: 0.02-2800um

Pressure: 0-70 bar

High Pressure Fog Machine

Motor type:Brushless motor(Oil-free pump)

Motor power:150W/200W

Working voltage:220V/48V/24V

Working current:0.9A

Flow rate:0.1-2.8L/Min


Motor speed:0r/min--2000r/min (adjustable speed)


Materials:Nylon and stainless steel tubes


Product:Straight coupling,Elbow,End fitting,Tee,Push lock x male fitting,Cross

category:Slip lock fittings,Compression fittings

Materials:Stainless steel,Brass,Brass(Ni-Plated)

Application Scenarios

Textile Industry

Detailed Classification:Roving, spun yarn, weaving, non-woven fabric, doffer, cotton grabber, double twister, ribbon, wool spinning, cotton spinning, chemical fiber. Blending, flocking, weaving and dyeing, spun linen, linen, silk weaving, knitting, etc.

Functions:Humidification, moisturizing, humidity control, elimination of static electricity, dust removal, constant head, no flaws, no parking, no accumulation, no truck, greatly increased efficiency.

Electronic Industry

Detailed Classification:SMT workshop, LCD factory, PSB factory, packaging factory, semiconductor component factory, etc.

Functions:Eliminate static electricity, maintain temperature, reduce defective products and increase printing adhesion strength.

Printing Industry

Detailed Classification:Paper printing, plastic printing, glass printing, fine printing, special printing, screen printing, transfer printing, etc.

Functions:In addition to static electricity, maintaining humidity to ensure that the paper does not shrink and deform, no paper jams, no defective products, easy color registration, no downtime, no waste of paper and time, improve production speed and greatly improve efficiency.

Spraying Industry

Detailed Classification:Shell spraying of automobile coating plants, mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers and other household appliances and various industrial products.

Functions:Maintain humidity, increase paint adhesion, prevent paint peeling, paint peeling, drumming, dust reduction, and keep workshop clean.

Tobacco Industry

Detailed Classification:Tobacco grading plant, silk storage warehouse, puffed tobacco resurgence and other workshops.

Functions:Prevent tobacco leaf breakage, reduce tobacco leaf flavor loss, reduce waste, and improve yield.

Edible Mushroom

Detailed Classification:Enoki mushroom, oyster mushroom, mushroom, shiitake mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, etc.

Functions:Create a humid environment suitable for the cultivation process (on the surface of the mushroom There can be no water droplets, the smaller the heated water particles, the better)

Computer Room

Detailed Classification:Program-controlled computer room, switch room, server room, computer room, Internet cafe, launch station, customer service center, etc.

Functions:Maintain humidity. Increase paint adhesion ability, do not peel off paint, paint off, drum and dust, keep the workshop clean.

Supermarket Preservation

Detailed Classification:Green leafy vegetables and fruits, fresh meat, fresh refrigerated display cabinets, air coolers, bakery cabinets, etc.

Functions:Maintain the crispness, taste, color and flavor of fruits and vegetables, prevent dehydration, weight loss, loss of freshness, improve storability and antibacterial properties, prolong the aging period and reduce rot.


Detailed Classification:All kinds of inspection, testing, quality, analysis, laboratory and other constant humidity environment.

Functions:Maintain various experimental process requirements, improve reliability and reduce failures

Gunpowder Industry

Detailed Classification:Gunpowder is produced, packed and made. storage, etc.

Functions:Eliminate static electricity, reduce powder, prevent explosion.

Automobile Industry

Detailed Classification:Painting factory, assembly factory, film workshop, exhibition hall, etc.

Functions:Maintain humidity, increase paint adhesion, no paint peeling, paint peelingDrum, dust, keep workshop clean

Food Industry

Detailed Classification:Dry and dehydrated food resurgence (kelp, vermicelli) preservation, steamed bread, bread, fruit and vegetable products, constant humidity preservation, storage, transportation, etc.

Functions:Workshop disinfection, revitalization, and bacterial culture to maintain the original color and fragrance.

Crop Farming

Detailed Classification:Edible fungi, all kinds of flowers, tropical plants, cultivation of nomads, flower houses, etc.

Functions:Meet the humidity requirements of various crop growth environments.


Detailed Classification:Large-scale breeding places for livestock, birds, insects, etc.

Functions:Simulate the natural environment, meet the humidity requirements of various aquaculture industries, moisturizing and disinfection

Artificial Landscape

Detailed Classification:Tropical artificial rainforest Film and television, exhibitions, parks, zoos, squares, water curtain films, etc.

Functions:Imitating the natural environment with cloudy landscape.


Detailed Classification:Bath, fitness, skin care, beauty, cold mist bath, salt mist solution, negative ion bath, etc.

Functions:Leisure and entertainment place, high-end human enjoyment, romantic water Smoky comfortable environment, negative ion bath


Detailed Classification:Pure draft beer ten real ice ten natural and elegant water smoke

Functions:Leisure and entertainment place, high-end human enjoyment, romantic waterSmoke, cozy environment, negative ion bath.

Air Conditioning Industry

Detailed Classification:Airports, stations, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, residential buildings, office buildings, etc.

Functions:Central air conditioner (outdoor air conditioner) humidifies, maintains humidity, is suitable for human needs, and prevents colds.

Plastic Industry

Detailed Classification:Plastic injection molding plants, plastic product manufacturing plants, etc.

Functions:Humidity control and elimination of static electricity, improve yield and reduce defective products.



As a professional nozzle factory, in order to meet different types of customers, we provide various types of business models such as: retail, wholesale, custom processing, OEM, etc. Welcome to consult.

Our services: standard nozzle product sales, non-standard product customization, special-purpose nozzle development, spray system design, production, installation, and nozzle performance testing services.

Customized Service A Variety of customized forms are available: Tailor-made: According to your creativity, combined with our reasonable creativity, to map customization: According to the renderings and design drawings you provide, we will provide customized production. The customization team is professional and experienced: more than ten years of experience R&D elites can customize it for you; from appearance design to production, production is controlled by special personnel! Fully guarantee the quality of customization! A complete set of product customization service solutions: from demand analysis, product selection, product production to product transportation and landing, Refine brings you a one-stop overall nozzle product customization service solution. More comprehensive customization process: Detailed customization process, allowing customers to control the whole process together.

Perfect quality management system, rich experience in nozzle manufacturing, accurate nozzle performance. Professional Product Development, Sales, Application team, many years of practical experience in the nozzle field, the choice of many global customers. Customer-oriented, teamwork, professional service, efficient communication, ready to respond. A professional team provides you with testing, model selection, application guidance services, high-quality spray products, and eliminates after-sales troubles.

Quality is our dignity, professionalism is our attitude!

Brand Introduction

Hangzhou Refine Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the spray field, specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of industrial nozzles and spray systems. The company has several imported precision machining machine tools, the machining accuracy is less than 2μm. It has a variety of high-precision spray performance testing equipment such as particle size, spray uniformity, and striking force. In the fields of spray cooling, dust control, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, spray deodorization, high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing and other fields, we can provide complete technical product services and solutions.


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