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Fog System Customise Length 1/4" 3/8" Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

Place Of Origin:Hangzhou,China
Model Number:SSTC
Orifice Size1/4" or 3/8"
CustomCustom logo/length


Cozymist stainless steel Fittings are available in 2 sizes: 1/4" and 3/8".Whether it's 1/4" or 3/8" fittings, they are all high pressure fittings.The working pressure of high pressure fittings can reach up to 100 bar, which is equal to 1450psi.

Stainless steel welded pipe Good surface finish, accurate scale (roundness error +/_0.05mm; thickness error +/_0.02mm), material SUS304, 316L mainly, flexible texture, with good outward turning, suitable for punching, flattening, flaring, stretching, bending, etc., widely used in bathroom hardware fittings, handles, heat exchangers, condensers, medical fitness equipment, hardware Tableware, gas grill, electric heating tube, furniture manufacturing, household products, stainless steel hardware products and other industries.

Industrial stainless steel welded tubes, the implementation of the new "high-efficiency heat exchanger tube with special tube" standard GB/T 24590-2009 (American Standard ASTM A269 standard), product size precision, composition assurance, mature welding process, perfect quality assurance system, 100% do hydraulic test and eddy current flaw detection before leaving the factory, to ensure that no leakage after the rise forming. Products commonly used materials for 304, 304L, 316L, 321, 317, 310S, 439, 409, 444 and duplex steel, for the professional production of heat exchangers, superheaters, condensers, evaporators with tubes and industrial coils and a larger scale of production enterprises. Products have been widely used in chemical, petroleum, electric power, light textile, pharmaceutical, high-pressure spray and other industries.

316----- after 304, the second most widely used steel grade, mainly used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and surgical equipment, the addition of molybdenum elements to obtain a special structure of corrosion resistance. SS316 is commonly used for nuclear fuel recovery devices. 18/10 grade stainless steel pipe is also usually qualified for this application

Design Features

Stainless steel coil advantages:

production process energy saving and environmental protection: seamless ultra-long cold-rolled cold-drawn joint processing method, the whole process using bright solution treatment, single length up to 100 meters, no welding points, production process sulfur dioxide, sewage zero emissions, belongs to the environment-friendly green production process. Meet the health needs: stainless steel will not cause secondary pollution of water quality, to meet the requirements of the national direct drinking water quality heating efficiency: stainless steel coil can be directly immersed in water or corrosive liquid heat transfer, the fastest and most complete heat transfer. Use temperature: can work safely for a long time in the case of -270-400 degrees Celsius temperature, whether high or low temperature, stainless steel coil will not precipitate harmful substances, stable material performance. No scaling lifelong high heat transfer ratio: seamless stainless steel coil thermal conductivity 16.0W/ Celsius, copper thermal conductivity 400W/mK degree Celsius, water thermal conductivity 0.625W/mK degree Celsius. The thermal conductivity of scale 0.05-0.2W/mK degrees Celsius. The actual operation of the surface temperature of stainless steel coil in the water tank is about 60-70 degrees, which will not produce scale. While the surface temperature of copper coil in water tank is 90-100 degrees, local 120 degrees, which is very easy to produce scale. According to the above data concluded that: heat exchanger coil thermal conductivity as long as more than the thermal conductivity of water can achieve thorough heat transfer and high heat transfer ratio purposes, the highest thermal conductivity of any material heat exchanger coil is also redundant, to heat exchanger to improve heating efficiency, increase the coil heat transfer area is the most effective way. To heat exchanger to maintain a high heat transfer ratio for a long time, to prevent the heat exchanger coil scale is the most scientific method. No material corrosion: stainless steel is a high alloy steel that can resist corrosion in the air or chemically corrosive media. It is widely used in equipment for food, general chemical equipment, and atomic energy industry equipment. From the metallographic point of view, the stainless steel surface thin and dense chromium-rich oxide film, yes stainless steel coil in all water including soft water has good corrosion resistance, in order to maintain the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, chromium 18-20 in steel plays a key role. Weld-free corrosion: Seamless stainless steel coil pipe is a high quality steel pipe that has a solid steel bar that is perforated and then cold rolled and drawn. Compared with welded pipes, seamless pipes do not have the risk of weld cracking caused by vibration and pressure shock in long-term operation, no weld intergranular corrosion, weld chromium depletion, porosity, cracks, slagging, underwelding, edge biting and other problems commonly found in welded pipes. Long-term operation is highly reliable. Seamless coil has a wide range of applications, fluid transfer, high pressure, high temperature, flammable and toxic media are preferred no point difference corrosion: the material of the tank whether stainless steel, crystal, or enamel can be safely matched. No water pollution: stainless steel material is a healthy material implanted in the human body by science and technology, so for the water supply system, the choice of stainless steel material is the most favorable health. Immersion water test, the indicators are in line with the national standard requirements for drinking water. Stainless steel surface is smooth, long-term use will not accumulate scale, not easy to be bacterial sticky dirt, no need to worry about the water quality is affected, but also to eliminate the secondary pollution of water. Simple structure and low cost: the connection process is simple and the connection quality is easy to ensure, so it reduces the risk of leakage due to long-term vibration, pressure, fluctuation and impact leading to cracking of the connection. Can be processed into any shape according to the customer's design needs, stainless steel coil can be directly immersed in the liquid, so the equipment parts are reduced to a minimum, so the failure is also the least, and seamless stainless steel coil unit price is also slightly lower than copper pipe.

304 steel rust phenomenon causes

Chlorine ions are widely present, such as salt, sweat stains, seawater, sea breeze, soil, etc.. Stainless steel in the presence of chloride ions in the environment, corrosion is rapid, even more than ordinary low carbon steel, chloride ions and alloying elements in the formation of Fe complexes, the Fe positive potential will be reduced, followed by oxidizing agents to take away electrons and be oxidized .

Therefore, there are requirements for the use of stainless steel in the environment, and it needs to be wiped frequently to remove dust and keep it clean and dry.

316 and 317 stainless steel are molybdenum-containing stainless steel species. 317 stainless steel contains slightly more molybdenum than 316 stainless steel. Due to the molybdenum content in 316 stainless steel, the overall performance of this steel grade is better than 310 and 304 stainless steel. 316 stainless steel has a wide range of uses under high temperature conditions, when the concentration of sulfuric acid is below 15% and above 85%. 316 stainless steel also has good resistance to chloride attack, so it is usually used in marine environments.

Coil Pipe Tube

Parameters Table

Production method:

Stainless steel pipe is divided into two categories according to the production method: seamless pipe and welded pipe, seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot-rolled pipe, cold-rolled pipe, cold-drawn pipe and extruded pipe, cold-drawn, cold-rolled is the secondary processing of steel pipe; welded pipe is divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe, etc..

Process: first cold-rolled open billet and then cold-drawn coiled.

The production process of seamless stainless steel pipe.

a. Round steel preparation.b. Heating.c. Hot-rolled perforationd. Cutting head

e. Pickling.f. Grindingg. Lubricationh. Cold rolling processi. Degreasing

j. Solution heat treatment.k. Straighteningl. Cuttingm.Picklingn. Finished product inspection.


Stainless steel welded pipe production process.

Raw materials - Slitting - Welding pipe making - End trimming - Polishing - Inspection (printing) - Packaging - Shipping (warehousing) (decorative welded pipes)

Raw material - Slitting - Welding pipe - Heat treatment - Straightening - Straightening - End trimming - Pickling - Hydrotesting - Inspection (printing) - Packaging - Shipping (warehousing) (Welded pipes for industrial piping).

Surface treatment: pickling or bright annealing

Material: TP304, TP321, TP316L, TP304L and national standard material

Standard: ASTM (ASME) SA / A312 /A213 /A269 and DIN, GB, JIS.

Snap connection steps:

1.Tube-cutting: cut the pipe according to the required length, when cutting the pipe, do not use too much force to prevent the pipe from losing round.

2.Remove the burr: After cutting off the pipe, the burr should be removed cleanly to avoid cutting the seal.

3.Marking line: In order to make the steel pipe completely inserted into the pipe socket, the insertion length must be marked at the end of the pipe to draw a line.

4.assembly: the seal should be correctly installed in the U-shaped groove of the pipe fittings, the pipe into the pipe fittings socket, waiting for crimping.

5.crimping: crimping, the raised part of the pipe fittings placed in the mold concave groove, the jaws and tube axis to maintain vertical.

6.check: crimping is complete, use special gauges to check the size of the crimp.

SSTC-product information

Application Scenarios

High-pressure spraying, cooling, dust reduction, landscaping, humidification

Fluid transmission such as water and gas

Stainless steel pipes and its water transmission equipment, is the most advanced basic water purification materials in the world today, its strong anti-corrosion performance, cast iron pipes, carbon steel pipes, plastic pipes, etc., can not be compared with it.

Water preparation, storage, transmission, purification, regeneration, desalination and other water industry's best choice of materials. The annual demand is about 25,000 tons.

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