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Misting System Customized Length 1000Psi Pa6 1/4" Nylon Tubing

Place Of Origin:Hangzhou,China
Model Number:NT-09
Outer diameter:6.43 mm
Inner diameter:3.00 mm

Cozymist Nylon Tube are available in 2 sizes: 1/4" and 3/8".Whether it's 1/4" or 3/8" Fittings, they are all high pressure fittings.The working pressure of high pressure fittings can reach up to 70 bar, which is equal to 1000psi.

Nylon tube (polyamide), abbreviated as PA tube, alias Nylon tube, is a synthetic fiber with good physical, chemical and mechanical properties: resistant to abrasion, can be used under the conditions of sand, gravel, iron chips; smooth surface, reducing resistance, can prevent rust and scale siltation; soft, easy to bend, easy to install, simple processing. Also has steel, when a certain shape is needed, it can be made into various shapes like metal pipes, and does not require complex equipment and tooling; can resist corrosion of many chemicals; stable size, small permeability; great resistance, can be used as an insulator; long service life, even decades; good temperature resistance, can work in -40-100°C environment.

Material: Imported PA6 nylon (Polyamide) Temperature: -40°C-125°C, short time to 150°C Product certification: UL, CE, ROHS, REACH. Fire rating: 94HB. Characteristics: soft and tough, anti-distortion

Strict workmanship, pressure and explosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, full meter and volume, thick wall, complete specifications.

Design Features

Nylon tube characteristics.

1- Made of brand new raw materials, stable quality, high pressure resistance, weather resistance, and wear resistance.

2- Smooth and flexible tube body, good elasticity, bending resistance, high resistance, small bending radius, easy to install.

3- Resistant to corrosion of chemical substances.

4- Does not contain plasticizer (softening agent).

5- Resistant to oxygen and ozone, excellent aging resistance.

6- Working pressure of 32kg at room temperature and burst pressure of 90kg.

7-Working temperature -40~120.

8- Adopting online pipe diameter control system, the pipe diameter tolerance is controlled within±0.08mm.

9- The color pipe adopts weather-resistant color powder, and the color pipe manufactured has standard and bright color and does not fade for long time working.

10- Conveying compressed air, water, fuel oil, chemical solvent, liquid, etc.

11- Assembling all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic automation machinery, air compressors and all kinds of connected pneumatic components, etc.

12- Can be widely used in industry, decoration industry and various fields of pneumatic supporting piping.


Nylon pipe is also called PA pipe, PE pipe is polyethylene pipe. Nylon pipe and PE pipe of the same size, nylon pipe pressure strength and temperature resistance is much higher than PE pipe, nylon pipe can be used to transport pressurized fluid, PE pipe can only transport unpressurized (nearly unpressurized) fluid. The characteristics of nylon are wear resistance, oil resistance, excellent mechanical properties; temperature resistance can reach 120 degrees, PE pipe is also called sanitary pipe, clean, hygienic and environmental protection, not easy to have bacteria, stable performance, also used as a gas pipe.

Nylon resin hose is a high pressure hose formed by extruded nylon material as the inner core, reinforced with high strength industrial fiber or steel wire by weaving or winding. Nylon resin hose has better chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. Nylon resin hose is an environmentally friendly, high-performance hose. Whether processing or application, its reliable environmental performance is highly appreciated by users. The inner wall of the nylon resin hose is as smooth as a mirror, neither contaminating the medium nor being contaminated by the medium; the power transmission loss is smaller and more efficient.

PE resin is made of monomeric ethylene polymerization, due to the different conditions of polymerization reaction such as pressure and temperature during polymerization, different densities of resin can be derived, thus there are high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene.

PVC pipe, with good tensile and compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes, excellent corrosion resistance, the cheapest price in all types of plastic pipes, but the low temperature is more brittle

It is mainly used for residential life, industrial and mining industries, agricultural water supply and drainage, irrigation, gas supply, exhaust pipe, electric wire conduit, rainwater pipe, industrial anti-corrosion pipe, etc.

Nylon tube is easy to process, dimensionally stable, small permeability, resistance, long service life, good temperature resistance, mainly used for conveying compressed air, water, fuel oil, chemical solvents, liquid food, etc. Therefore, the use of nylon tube is quite wide. Then the correct installation of nylon tube use will need to follow the principles, there will also be some points of attention.

Nylon tube installation and use of the points to be noted.

1, nylon tube use, such as the working environment of the temperature is too high, may affect the working pressure, and even make the nylon tube rupture.

2, please do not apply stretching, twisting load on the nylon tube, otherwise it may make the nylon tube rupture, disconnect and damage.

3, Water or hot medium oil, please use heat-resistant water pipe, otherwise, there will be aging and lead to the possibility of rupture.

4, Do not let the nylon tube rub and twist, which may lead to the rupture of nylon tube.

5, Please use the nylon tube above the small bending radius.

6, The length of the piping should be left with sufficient margin.

7, If the nylon tube is through the water, please use the plug, if not use the plug, the nylon tube may fall off.

8, When the nylon tube is used, the working environment such as chemical gas may cause the nylon tube to crack.

9, When installing the nylon tube on the quick plug, the cross section of the nylon tube should be vertical, and the outer circumference of the nylon tube should not be scarred or become oval.

10, nylon tube drilling: use the drill bit with outer diameter less than or equal to 1/3 of the diameter of the bar to drill, the drilling angle is taken 90-110 °, the speed is less than 400 r/min, and to exit the drill bit in time, water or saponified oil cooling, and then continue to drill or ream the hole according to the above operating procedures.

The points to be noted for the installation and use of nylon pipe are to be noted, because these may lead to damage and rupture of nylon pipe and other consequences if sufficient attention is not paid to them, causing great hidden dangers.


Parameters Table

NT-09-product information

Application Scenarios


Nylon tubes can be used in various industries such as air, water, chemical substance lubrication, instrumentation lines, irrigation control systems, textile factories, food factories, fuel delivery tubes for vehicles and ships, vacuum systems, air conditioning systems, oscillation insulators, static insulators, etc. Can keep flexible and work normally in the temperature range of -40℃-+120℃.Nylon has a lot of characteristics, so it is widely used in automobiles, electrical equipment, mechanical parts, transportation equipment, textiles, paper-making machinery, etc. With the miniaturization of automobiles, high performance of electrical and electronic equipment, and the acceleration of the process of lightweighting of machinery and equipment, the demand for nylon will be higher and greater. Especially nylon as a structural material, its strength, heat resistance, cold resistance and other aspects put forward high requirements.

Construction field

In the field of construction and decoration, as nylon corrugated pipe has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, high strength, easy bending, convenient construction, etc.: it can be widely used for outdoor communication cable and fiber optic cable sheathing piping system, including inter-bureau relay piping, wire pipe, feeder piping, wiring piping and special network piping and special provisions of long-distance communication piping. It has a strong use type, suitable for cable, wire and many other cables to put on.

Agricultural and forestry irrigation field

Due to the continuous development of agricultural irrigation technology, there are many irrigation technologies such as drip irrigation and percolation irrigation. The corrugated nylon pipe has been developed for irrigation in agriculture through certain improvements and its own excellent performance, and has been widely used in greenhouses, greenhouses, orchards, sand control projects and water-saving irrigation with good application value.

Mechanical and electronic field

Due to its excellent performance characteristics, the nylon bellows is widely used in various machinery manufacturing industries as sheathing tubes and wire tubes for electrical, mechanical and machine tools. At the same time, plastic bellows and various types of adapters with reasonable collocation, can be very good role in the mechanical assembly and mechanical interconnection.

Automotive wiring harness field

Nylon hose in the auto parts industry, mainly used in automotive wiring harness assembly, which includes: a variety of automotive air conditioning pipe sheathing tube, wire harness bellows, wire harness flame retardant bellows, automotive ventilation tube, refrigerated transport vehicle drip tube, automotive with wire harness tube, automotive brake system sheathing tube, car oil and gas tube, machine tool harness tube and other types of automotive bellows, air conditioning drip tube.

Chemical resistance

Nylon tube is most suitable for: compressed air systems, lubrication systems, flammable oil fluid lines, hydraulic lines, some chemical fluids, food fluids The product is light in quality, resistant to moisture, salt water and seawater, good aging resistance, sunlight exposure, ten pass nylon tube is generally used for hydrocarbon, aromatic, aliphatic solvents, oils, fuels and refrigerants, not resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis, phenols, etc.; commonly used to transport fluids: 40 degrees Carbonic acid soda, 40 degrees carbonic acid water, -20~40 degrees alcohol, distilled water, sea water, oil, etc.



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