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October 28,2022

COZYMIST is focused on providing professional solutions of misting systems in accordance to different functions and requirements. Misting system can be widely used for outdoor garden or restaurant cooling, vegetable preservation, greenhouse irrigation, stocking cooling, summer fly removal, etc. They can reduce the outside weather temperature by 5-10°C and will increase humidity at the same time. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right misting system, including wind direction, height of the misting system, humidity, duration of use of the misting system, as well as cost and the customer's cooling preferences.


Cozymist offer low (150 PSI), mid (450 PSI) and high pressure (1000 PSI) misting system. If you are outfitting an outdoor patio space for your family and friends to enjoy with you, or you are seeking to cool your clients in an outdoor bar or outdoor restaurant setting, evaporative cooling is your friend. By choosing Advanced Misting Systems you will be soon ensconcing your outdoor patio in a sheet of cooling mist. Using a outdoor patio misting system day or night during the hot summer months will provide you with hours upon hours of enjoyment combating the sweltering heat. Stay cool as you enjoy the summer months outside.The industrial misting system was designed to operate selectively, even 24 hours a day. The misting systemconsists of:

1.A new generation misting pump with time control and remote control.

2.Special new generation misting nozzles with integrated anti drip system, with the diameter and water flow of the nozzles varying at each spray point, always according to the original design and dimensioning.

3.Misting tubing, nylon tube or stainless steel tube.

4.Water filtration system.

5.Connectors and brackets.

6.And all misting parts needed!



A.What is the dimension of the coverage area?

We recommend a spacing of 2 feet between Misting Nozzles.

Measure the length and width of your area for misting. Calculate the perimeter and divide by 2 to get the number of Mist Nozzles.

If you have a closed side, do not include that dimension in the calculation. For example, if you have a length of 20 Feet, and a width of 10, with one closed side, then the covered area would be 20 + 10 + 10 = 40/2 = 20 Nozzles.

B.What is the application of your misting system?

Mist cooling systems vary in design and size by application. For example for Industrial misting applications, we recommend more than 2 GPM pumps, stainless steel tubing, and large scale filters. This helps keep the system operating efficiently and effectively. For residential misting systems, we recommend 1500 PSI systems with with stainless steel or High pressure nylon tubing.

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