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disinfectant fogging machine

You should be aware of the dangers of using disinfectant in fogging machine whether you have an old Fogger, a VF Atomized Fogger, or a ULV Fogger. Despite the fact that the disinfectant in the machines is supposed to be safe, you should be aware that it can leak out of the machine and cause you to become ill.

VF Atomized Foggers

VF Atomized Foggers are an excellent solution for people who want to administer a disinfectant to specific locations. These disinfection fogging machines have a UV light, an atomizer cleaning brush, and an easy-to-use remote control. You can also program your own timer and modify the output to achieve the best results.

The best aspect is that it works immediately away. It has a disinfectant capacity of 650 square feet and is portable enough to take with you. Three atomizers and a multi-directional nozzle are used in the device. When the solution is gone, the atomizers will turn off.

The VF Cumulus 3-Atomizer Fogger is a cut above the others, featuring a slew of functions to make your job easier. Its multi-directional nozzle attaches directly to the unit's top. The device also has four directional tubes and a mist nozzle with four speeds. It also includes a caster.

A UV light is also included with the VF Cumulus Three Atomizer Fogger. The light aids in ensuring that the disinfectant reaches the intended regions.

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