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disinfecting fog machine

Using a disinfecting fog machine can assist in keeping your kitchen and other places clean. However, when it comes to selecting one, there are numerous options to consider. Here are some pointers to help you make the best decision.

IGEBA Nebulo Disinfection Foggers

The IGEBA Nebulo is one of the best disinfecting fogging machines on the market. This is a device that converts a pesticide into a mist using the strength of a high-pressure airflow. Its capacity to use non-flammable liquids and superior technology to produce stable, homogenous fog are two of its most prominent qualities. It also contains an adjustable flow regulator that can regulate the required quantity of airflow. It also has a spinning fog head that can generate mist of any size.

Another great feature is the possibility to wall-mount the computer. In this situation, the gadget can generate a mist that can cover an area of up to 40 square feet. This is accomplished by using a microbial solution suspended in a physiological salt. After a few minutes, the chemical is transformed into a mist, yielding the best IGEBA Nebulo product.

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