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disinfecting fogging machine

Investing in a disinfecting fog machine will not only assist you in getting rid of pesky pests but will also protect you from the dangers posed by the use of chemicals. Use a machine that has been approved as safe because these chemicals might contain toxins.

Electrostatic spray vs fogging

There are two methods for disinfecting a facility, including hospitals and airports: using a sprayer or an electrostatic fogger. These two techniques are risk-free and reliable ways to get rid of pathogens like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more. They are also affordable and simple to use.

Making sure a surface is clean is the first step in disinfecting it. A sprayer is a tool used to saturate a surface with a liquid disinfectant solution. Typically, it runs automatically. The distance between the mist sprayer nozzle and the surface to be cleaned is typically a few feet. The sprayer produces droplets with a diameter of less than 30 microns.

An additional study compared the effectiveness of three various technologies. The outcomes surprised everyone. The ESS was judged to be the most successful. A sprayer, a hand-pumped garden sprayer, and a fogger were among the gadgets put to the test.

The most efficient and straightforward tool was the sprayer. However, when the test was run, it wasn't actually operational. In fact, a battery for this model was recalled.

Another crucial feature was the sprayer's capacity to cover a sizable area with a disinfectant. Foggers are frequently used to sanitize public spaces, control odors, and combat pests. To use them, a higher level of PPE is needed.

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