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It does not matter if you are new to manufacturing fog or if you have been making fog machine tube for a long time; it is essential to have a fundamental understanding of fog machine tube maintenance. You need to clean the fog tube on a consistent basis to ensure that your equipment continues to function correctly.

Proper storage of fog juice in a fog machine

If you store the fog juice in the fog machine tube in the correct manner, you can prevent damage to the fog machine as well as the introduction of impurities. It is essential to keep fog juice in a container that can be sealed and to keep it out of the direct sunlight when storing it. Because of this, the juice won't become thick and sticky.

When shopping for fog juice, make sure to look for glycerin that is of USP grade. This particular variety of glycerin has been shown to be free of any contaminants and is completely risk-free.

Compositionally and qualitatively, fog machine juice at home, and follow the recipe exactly. It is recommended that you use a mixture that consists of 85% distilled water and 15% glycerine.

In a fog machine with a power output of 400 watts, a quart of fog juice should last approximately six hours. When fogging for longer periods of time, one gallon of fog liquid should be sufficient.

You can use frozen water bottles to bring the temperature of your fog down if you find that you need to. There is also the option of constructing your own fog chiller. Building one of these is not only simple but also very affordable.

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