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industrial humidifiers chicago

Whether you need to cool your home or maintain the comfort of your employees, industrial humidifiers chicago can help. With their double cooling technology, you will have precise control over the relative humidity in your space.

ES100 direct space humidifier

Designed for industrial settings, the Smart Fog ES100 like fog machine pump is the cheapest way to create humidity and humidity control for the workplace. As a result, it can save you a bundle in maintenance costs. In fact, it can be maintained year round, so you can spend your time and money where it is more productive - and that is a good thing.

Smart Fog is a leading provider of custom humidification systems and a wide range of standard products. The company has also released the ES100, a snazzy looking, all-in-one, energy-efficient, commercial humidifier. A Smart Fog ES100 could be your ticket to the humidity you've always dreamed of. Its advanced technology is a good fit for manufacturing facilities, office buildings, and data centers, where humidity is important for the aforementioned reasons. It also helps minimize static electricity and protects the equipment and furnishings therein.

With a ES100 you can enjoy relative humidity levels as low as 5%, and you can rest assured that your workers will enjoy the benefits of a properly maintained and disinfected environment.

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