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insect misting systems parts

There are a variety of various insect misting systems parts that you should take into consideration whether you already have a system in place or are developing a new one. We'll examine a couple of misting systems in this article to assist you in selecting the best option for you.


For the distribution of liquids, especially misting fluids, improved devices are disclosed. The apparatus could be a pump, reservoir, or mist nozzle.

A fluid reservoir, a motorized fluid pump, a level sensor assembly, and a controller are all components of the device. To control the agitation, dosing, and dispersion of the fluid insecticide by the pump, the controller is attached to the level sensor assembly. A remote receiver is also linked to the controller. The controller can be set up to regulate the pesticide cartridge's agitation, dosing, and misting restrictions.

A number of floating sensor assemblies are included in the level sensor assembly. To provide a signal to the controller, the sensor assembly is attached to it. The amount of fluid insecticide still present in the reservoir is graphically displayed by the controller. If a leak is found in the nozzle circuit, the controller may also be set up to stop the mist cycle. When the reservoir fills to capacity, the controller might also be set up to start a mist cycle.

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