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In the Phoenix area, summers may be extremely hot, and that just calls for misting! What is a cooling system with misting? A building or structure's temperature can be reduced with a misting cooling system. By continuously blowing air over a certain area, the mist achieves this. How does it function? The refrigerant in a misting cooling system is cold water. It is then sprayed over the object or area you want to chill after passing through a spray head. The environment stays cooler because of the tiny water droplets' ability to mimic a little cloud. What would motivate me to use it? Misting cooling system is often used in industrial settings where temperatures are high and air conditioning isn’t an option. It’s also commonly used in medical facilities, such as hospitals, because it helps to control temperatures and protect patients from the harsh environment.

What is misting and why is it important?

Misting is an important cooling system technique that uses a spray or mist to cool the air passing through a cooling system. When entering buildings, the air is hot and dense. The heat of the day quickly warms up this air, making it much more difficult for the air to disperse evenly throughout the building. A misting system helps to cool this hot, dense air by spraying it with a cold water or ice mist.

The colder water or ice mist disperses the heat more evenly throughout the room and reduces the amount of energy needed to produce cooling. This in turn helps reduce your electric bill and can also help improve your indoor air quality. Misting is also an effective way to keep plants healthy and hydrated in warm weather.

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