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water misting system parts

You'll need the appropriate parts whether you're replacing an outdated water misting system in your house or installing a new one. Pumps, nozzles, compression fittings, and flexible lines are some of these components. It is simple to become overburdened if you are unsure of what you require.

Flexible lines

A great way to personalize your design for water misting systems is to use flexible lines. They are frequently offered in multiple colors and can be run around corners. Even some materials have a UV-protective coating. Braiding can be used to strengthen them as well. A rigid line might be a better option if your installation is particularly challenging.

Nylon, polyethylene, and even plastic are just a few of the materials that can be used to make flexible lines. They don't need any specialized tools and are simple to work with. They can be reinforced with braiding to create a strong, yet flexible line, and they are frequently offered in more than one color.

Additionally, flexible lines come in a range of sizes. 3/8" and 1/2"/9mm and 15mm are the most popular sizes. Even medium or high pressure ratings are available for some materials. They are the best choice for corrosive water conditions because they require fewer Fittings to install than rigid plumbing systems.

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