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wholesale industrial humidifiers

When working in an industrial setting, purchasing wholesale industrial humidifiers can be an excellent way to maintain the temperature of your workspace and equipment at a comfortable level. But which one is ideal for you specifically? Here are a few things that should be taken into consideration.


A wide range of industrial processes require that additional humidity be introduced into the atmosphere. The optimal levels of humidity can assist in the reduction of health issues, the improvement of productivity, and the enhancement of product quality. In addition, they safeguard both workers and machinery.

The microfine mist droplets are produced by the high-pressure fog system that is manufactured by MicroCool. The nozzles are mounted on stainless steel that has been specifically fabricated. The fog will be dispersed uniformly thanks to the careful spacing of these precision nozzles.

The water is cycled back through the system once every day using MicroCool's patented FOCUS pump. In addition to this, it eliminates bacteria and large ions from the water. This filtration system has received certification from UL 508A.

The MicroCool high-pressure system has a degree of programmability that allows for a variety of industrial humidifiers set points to be selected. In addition to that, it utilizes a water line that is not pressurized. Because of this, it is possible to install the system in virtually any environment. It is also a more cost-effective solution than using numerous AC units placed throughout the building.

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